Posted by: mattamorphosis | January 6, 2012

My Resolutions

My Current Resolutions
  1. Be on time!
  2. Recall one happy moment from my life everyday and record it.
  3. Reflect on 3 things I am grateful for everyday.
  4. Call a friend I haven’t seen in a month or longer each week.
  5. Remember birthdays.
  6. Send Christmas cards.
  7. Write at least 1 work-related blog each week.
  8. Help other people think big by using my dispositionally high enthusiasm to encourage them to pursue their goals.
  9. Compliment strangers (but not in a creepy way!).
  10. Bring people together (perhaps through weekly coffee work parties, or game nights)
  11. Don’t gossip.
  12. Be less critical of others.
  13. Practice public speaking — take advantage of opportunities.
  14. Read *something* on paper everyday (journal articles and book chapters).
  15. Create checklists of projects I hope to finish each week.
  16. Buy more experiences, less material goods.
  17. Pay first, enjoy later.
  18. Read books on inspirational people.
  19. Go to bed by midnight (especially Sunday through Thursday).
  20. Wake up before 7:30am Monday – Friday and before 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday.
  21. Take Mojo for a walk before 8am Monday – Friday, and before 10am on Saturday and Sunday.
  22. Shave and shower everyday.
  23. Brush my teeth 2x, floss at least 1x per day, and use my fluorine rinse at least 1x per day.
  24. Do not leave clothes on my bedroom floor.
  25. Make my bed everyday.
  26. Go to the gym at least 5 times per week.
  27. Open my mail everyday.
  28. Cook at least 5 meals per week.
  29. Do not eat Chinese food and pizza in the same day. Ever.
  30. Drink no soda.

My Goals


  1. Write a review paper on my moral migration hypothesis.
  2. Write two manuscripts and submit them for publication.
  3. Apply for a grant.
  4. Apply for an academic award.


  1. Do 3 sets of 8 repetitions of 185 pounds on the barbell bench press.
  2. Do 30 consecutive pull-ups.
  3. Do 50 consecutive push-ups.
  4. Enter a 5k race and finish in under 24 minutes.
  5. Obtain and maintain an average weight of 182 pounds.


  1. I think what you are doing is very inspirational and would love to be a part of your journey as you accomplish your resolutions. I think there are a few resolutions and goals that I can help out with if you are interested. For example, I have been telling myself for a few years that I plan to run a 5K but have not brought myself to actually train and do it. Since meeting you, I have found myself wanting to actually do things that I have always been meaning to do. Thanks for being my spark!

    • Thanks Holly! I am happy to hear that I inspire and push you to be your ideal ‘you’.

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